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cleaning…. oh boy!

i had a cleaning experience that i have to share! (who doesn’t want to hear about ‘cleaning experiences’) So… the wood floor in the gallery at the studio is so dull. (and it was dirty) so I goggled ‘natural floor cleaners’. (we try to get creative and not use chemicals when we clean as much as possible) I found this super easy recipe:

Wood Floor Cleaner and Polish
If you’re looking to add a bit of shine to your wood floors, give this easy recipe a try:

1 gallon of hot water
3/4 cup of olive oil
1/2 cup lemon juice
This formula does double duty. The hot water and lemon clean the floor, and the addition of olive oil leaves your wood floors with a nice, natural sheen. Simply apply it to your floors with a mop that you’ve wrung out fairly well; then let it dry on its own. No need for rinsing – once it dries, your floors will look great!

And of course i have a picture… ’cause that’s what i do. 😉 (left is dull before floor. right is pretty after floor) obviously…

Centerville AfterProm 2013

I do have a couple of tips…  I bought my olive oil and lemon juice at Marsh and just used the cheapo brand. The floor is very slick until it dries. I let it dry overnight. Also the bucket and mop were greasy and dirty from the oil. Be prepared to clean up that mess. 🙂

Here is a link to the site where I got the recipe http://www.organicauthority.com/sanctuary/natural-cleaning-for-clean-floors-that-you-can-make-easy.html

UPDATE: this floor had not been refinished for 20 years or more. When I tried the same method of refinished floors the oil did not dry and I had to use baking soda to soak it up. (which baking soda removes scuff marks on wood floors)